Optimising Your Leadership Quotient

At progressive companies today, our leaders are faced with a growing need to motivate employees to deliver new solutions, face the uncertainties and challenges of changing markets, and empower teams to innovate and manage costs.

Leveraging principles of Emotional Intelligence to instil key aspects of Personal and Social Mastery, this Leadership Workshop prepares your leaders to be more self-aware, motivated to confidently take risks, regulate the negative effects of stress and anger, and to master the competencies of influence, assertive communications, conflict resolution and collaboration.

This workshop is a hands-on, experiential, and reflective learning journey to grow a new bench of leaders that will be more effective at maximising team productivity, promoting employee growth and managing with self-assurance and confidence.


  • To take a practical, people-centric approach to getting the business results you want and making them last
  • To strengthen the (often) untapped areas of EQ-centric Leadership DNA - Self, Empathy, Communication, Social Awareness and Personal Influence
  • Communicate effectively regardless of the underlying emotions
  • Supercharge productivity of your teams through conflict resolution and delegation
  • Improve collaboration and cooperation by building strong bonds across teams


  • CxO's and their direct reports
  • Business Unit Heads
  • Senior Managers


  • Two days