A People-first Approach to Partnerships

Strategic alliances are formed to unite culturally different partners in pursuit of a common objective. Successful alliance leaders manage the relationship in the context of the partner's cultural differences, finding ways to create value from complimentary differences and reduce the impact of those differences that impede alliance success. Yet, when partners span geographical boundaries, things can get more complicated and specific attention needs to be paid to cultural sensitivity in order to progress the aims of the partnership.

Through customised case studies to your specific partner-ecosystem, and along with group, individual and interactive exercises, this Workshop goes behind the process-oriented mechanics of alliance management, and focuses on the critical personal and relationship-centric elements that help to create a service-orientation with strong bonds – a critical foundation for partnership growth and success.


  • Reorganise Alliance management around the macro pillars of credibility, consistency and commitment.
  • Refine the building blocks of optimal alliances - substantial business proposition, strong interpersonal relationships and trust.
  • Practical tips on working with and building strong bonds with alliance partners from other cultures.
  • Enhancing relationship-oriented written and verbal business communication strategies and tactics.
  • Developing specific skills in driving successful collaboration, including managing disagreements and conflict.
  • Optimising skills across other critical partner interactions such as art of asking questions, giving/ receiving feedback, managing effective meetings and solution-oriented decision-making.


  • Relationship Managers
  • International Alliance Managers
  • Business Development Managers


  • Two days