Practical Stress Management Strategies

Progressive companies know that stressed employees leads to poor decision making, lower concentration and productivity, negative interpersonal relations, lack of creativity and innovation, reduced motivation and an attitude of 'doing the minimum required'.

This workshop demystifies stress head-on. It dramatically benefits employees in their personal lives, and also enhances motivation and productivity on the job. Through the use of personalized tools and strategies, employees will learn to manage challenging work situations with greater calmness, creativity and clarity of mind. Each employee will create a Personalized Coping Skills Action Plan that will help assess their current level of stress, personal stress triggers, early warning signs and the effect stress has on the body and mind.

Practical Stress Management strategies will enable them to feel more empowered and in control at home and work.


  • Re-Discover yourself, Get Focussed and fulfil your Potential
  • Develop a Stress Map that identifies your causes and levels of Stress
  • Increase your productivity through Seven practical Stress Management Techniques
  • Manage deadlines with realistic Time Management Strategies
  • Enhance the quality of your Work, Personal and Family Relationships


  • CxO's and their direct reports
  • Business Unit Heads
  • Relationship Managers
  • Project Managers "Team Leaders
  • Senior Managers
  • Customer-Facing Sale, Service and Technical Representatives


  • Two days