Managing Pressures of Home, to Excel at Work

Every working parent feels the conflict between the challenges of work and home and however professional we are, when our home life pressures become too great, our work inevitably suffers. What do working parents need when they come to work having just had an argument about homework, or worrying about their teenagers, or having been up all night with a sick child? They need to feel really confident about their role as a parent, and to be free to get on with their job to the best of their ability.

In this workshop, employees will learn strategies that will give them new ways to handle everyday situations at home, improve effectiveness at work and reduce their stress and guilt of being a working parent. They will be equipped with tools that increase their confidence as parents to effectively communicate with their child, build their child's self-esteem and discipline their child positively.


  • Match the Parenting Style to a child's Personality and Life Stage
  • Communicate successfully while building the child's self-confidence
  • Discipline effectively without threatening, screaming and shouting
  • Manage stress and anger to feel more in control of your lives
  • Create a personalized Parenting Action Plan that they can use immediately


  • Employees with children up to 18 years of age


  • Two days