Driving Productivity Through Work-Life Balance

"The way we get the most out of our people is by encouraging each of them to have a life." This workshop is designed to realise this potential in your people assets by increasing their retention, commitment and productivity. By giving your managers a new language and tool set that produces a more positive view of the organisation at all levels, it enhances attitude, morale and service levels for leaders and their teams.

Combining important elements from disciplines such as - Self-Awareness, Time Management, Delegation, Stress Management, Effective Communication, Optimising Personal and Professional Relationships, and Assertiveness Training - this Workshop delivers a Personal Work-Life Action Plan that develops perspective and confidence in order to create a healthy and productive work environment.


  • To build a common-sense case for employees to take ownership of their personal Work-Life Balance
  • To develop a balance between professional and personal priorities through the use of stress management, time management, organization and self-motivation strategies
  • To develop a customized Work-Life Balance Plan that organizes and prioritizes practical changes in an employee's personal and professional life, in order to create an improved sense of control, achievement and performance.


  • CxO's and their direct reports
  • Business Unit Heads
  • Senior Managers


  • Two days